Repairs & Stains

Getting that unexpected spill, accident, or stain on your carpet can cause the most calm homeowner to go into a panic. In most cases these mishaps can be corrected, but only using the proper products and processes.

Before attempting any home “DIY” emergency stain removal, give us a call. We will evaluate your situation the best we can and give you our recommended course of action.  In most cases, stains should be inspected and tested in person using techniques and procedures specific to your stain removal.  Upon inspection and testing, we are happy to provide a written “No Risk” price to remove the stain. If we are unable to remove it completely, we will not charge you!

Many homeowners also may think that damaged carpet automatically warrants replacement.  In most cases this isn’t true.  Whether you have a loose seam, burn, frayed edges, pet  damage at a doorway, or unsightly wrinkles that need re-stretching, have no fear!  We have nearly 30 years of “hands-on” repair experience, and will restore and extend the life of your carpet.

Auburn Carpet Specialist’s Services